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Red Tents are sacred spaces for women to talk openly about menstrual cycles and womanhood while erasing the shame and guilt that has been passed down about women's bodies.

Red Tents are a place where once a month in the evening, women gather to share about womanhood. A theme each month involves lessons, questions, and activities to lean in and learn how to better move through the world within our cycles of life. Where there is no selling, drinking, children, manipulation, or pressure to be anything other than who you are.

In leading Red Tents for the last 3 years, Aj has realized women rarely have places to learn about their cycles, let alone how to utilize them in their lives. Anything womb related is often silenced or swept under the rug, it is time for us to come together to change the way we talk about ourselves as women.

Red Tents are now starting in San Antonio! If you would like to attend one, or to have Aj facilitate a Red Tent evening at a retreat, conference, or for your women’s group please use the contact button.

Gathering as women is what we’ve done since God created us. Let us create new shame-free traditions to pass down to our daughters.