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Mermaid Harmony is such a rare, exceptional talent! It takes a truly special person to do what she does- make little girl dreams come true before their eyes! She is not there to simply stand around posing for pictures looking beautiful the way she engages and relates to the kids is what makes her stand out above and beyond anything we've ever experienced at any event! She got right on their level, making the guests feel SO special! She sang songs, played games, read stories, gave out favors, and included special treasures for the birthday princess. It completely took the pressure off my husband and I from having to entertain the kids, my husband said, "This is the best party ever!"-- because for once we could step back and enjoy hosting! Everything about our experience was magical and priceless. We did this for our daughter, but it was SUCH a blessing for me as a momma, because the twinkle in her eyes and the sheer excitement on her face made it an occasion that will live in my heart always. The JOY was palpable! I'd do it again a million times over and recommend her to anyone and everyone. I literally could not have been more thrilled or exceeded our expectations in every way! Thank you SO MUCH Mermaid Harmony! You are such a gift!-Quinn

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‘Mermaid Harmony did a surprise swim on while we were visiting friends on a vacation from NJ. I have to say my 5 year old was not really sure what to do with a "real" mermaid. We had the benefit of being able to have a great deal of one on one time, and even my son thought he was pretty cool by then end of their time together. Her spirit is wonderful, and her seamless transition into the mer-world is something even the parents can appreciate. The jokes are witty and fun, and the stories and interactions with the kids are simply wonderful. Aside from all that, Mermaid Harmony is just genuine and bubbly, and that quality in her in infectious. It would be quite difficult not to thoroughly enjoy any event with her!’


Aj is one of the most inspirational, encouraging women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has this aura about her that just makes you want to know her, be around her, and befriend her. I think.png
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