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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you swim in your tail?

I do swim in my tail, each pool is different, and has a variety of rules. Check with the pool first to make sure a mermaid is allowed in the water. 

I don't have a pool, can I still hire you?

Yes! I do many land events, and children are still amazed there is a mermaid with them! I sit, and we play games, sing songs, and engage in imaginative activities.

Do you give discounts?

I do not currently offer discounts, but I do volunteer for certain events. I can work within many budgets, contact me and we can create a custom entertainment plan just for you!

Do you do public events?

Yes, whether it is a volunteer event, or a library reading, I will post these in advance on my social media pages, links are on the bottom right of this page. If you would like to have me at your event, please fill out the contact form to add a magical touch to your event!

What if I want more than one mermaid?

I currently do not have any mermaids employed with me at this time, which means it is important to book as early as you can (two months in advance) to save your date. 

Do you make tails?

I currently do not make tails, but has a near comprehensive list of tail makers to choose from.