In Joy Productions

Sparking Imagination and Joy through Art, Events and Entertainment


Bring joy and possibilities into your life with a magical Performer, henna, or a workshop!


Mermaid Harmony

Performing around the world in Hawaii, Germany, and America, Mermaid Harmony has interactive games, stories and songs that will enthrall your guests. From painting on mermaid scales, to handing out Mermaid crystals that hold a wish, you’ll have a finatastic time!


Fairy Moonfire

Fairy Moonfire is full of spunk and excitement from her adventures with goblins and working with the fairy queen! Learn how to get along with goblins, and move like a gnome. After you relive her adventures, earn a Tree Rune and pixie dust to be able to bless trees as a human! A fae-bulous addition to any party!


Princess Rosalee, Dragoness of Alyria

Princess Rosalee of Alyria is also a dragoness: someone who trains dragons. Invite her over for a tale of castle life, and learn how to speak dragon! . Each child will learn that a true royal makes the world better around them, and will leave with a rare dragon diamond, which contains secret powers you’ll unlock at your event!


Henna Parties and Appointments

Be adorned in this beautiful art form. Henna is a safe, all natural body art. With over 2 years of experience, you can find Aj at a local San Antonio’s Farmers Market, or book an appointment or party to have her come to you! Henna can last anywhere from 1.5 weeks to 3 weeks depending on placement, and aftercare. Aj can add a glitter top coat on your henna to add a bit of sparkle to your design! Whether baby bellies, just for fun, or to try out a new tattoo idea, henna is a fantastic idea!


Workshops about your menstrual cycle

Aj has spoken for women’s groups, in schools, and taught workshops for hundreds of participants. Hire Aj for an interactive workshop on the phases of your cycle and how you can use them to your benefit! Or to speak on seeing possibilities and joy in our world. If you would like a dash of laughter, and interactive activities to spark your imagination, Aj is the perfect fit for your event!

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Soul Art: Guided Meditation and Art Canvas Class

Feel frazzled? Wish for a night of calm encouragement and creativity? Attend a Soul Art class! With a guided Meditation* to remember to stay rooted in who we were created to be, while blooming where we are in our journey. We’ll journal and make art with what we’ve uncovered in our meditation. Each piece will be unique to you the artist as no two are alike. No art skills required to join.

*The Meditation is a visual journey to listen to our sub-conscious and open and accessible for any religious belief. Aj has multiple types of soul art classes, and can create a custom Soul Art for your event!

A 2 ½ hour class